Kingdom of Elleron

The Kingdom of Elleron covers an area of 56 thousand square miles. 36% (20,000 sq. miles) is Elleron.jpgarable land, and 63% (35,000 sq. miles) is wilderness.

Elleron is the Northern most Kingdom, it is boarded by the “xxxx” river to the South, The Evermore Forests and Frozen wastes to the North, the Dragonshard mountain range to the West and the Mindraven sea to the East.

The Largest city is Atwood

The second largest is Graycott

There are 2 other main cities, Firebend and Everkeep Harbour

There are 40 towns throughout the Kingdom; the Town of Red Wing lies just south of the Frost Peak mountains, village trade routes pass through here before heading south to the major cities.

Kingdom of Elleron

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