The previous king of the Kingdom of Steel was an evil, cruel tyrant who ruled with an iron fist and was hated by all. He was killed by his six Royal Guard to stop the kingdom falling further into chaos and depravity. The six Royal guards decided that no-on should rule with absolute power again and became the six Barons of the Kingdom of Rust, they rule through a democracy and parliament.

Without true leadership the Kingdom of Rust will never be able to reclaim the Darklands for the humanity but there is one man who believes he could be that lead Lord Taakus, son of Baron Taakus. He aims to forge an alliance with the Kingdom of Estrich which lies beyond the Brokenspine Mountains

There is only one pass through the otherwise impassable mountain range known as the Spineward pass. This pass lies in what was once known as the Kingdom of Lilies but has now come to be known as the Darklands, an area rumoured to be ruled by Trolls who employ Giants to guard the Spineward pass.

Kingdom of Elleron

Age of Destiny