The unrelenting growth of the Human empires began to overwhelm the tribes of Orcs and other creatures that long inhabited the realms.
Then the Orcs fought back with the aid of all creatures that had been persecuted by Humans. The ‘Chaos Wars’ as they came to be known raged for generations with hatred between the races growing stronger year by year.

Once great settlements on the fringes of Human empires were razed to dust, villages and towns destroyed, all that had been built by the vast Human empires on the borderlands was wiped out.

Then peace came, Men who were tired of the constant suffering, along with Orc & Goblin leaders that could no longer sustain constant war established an unsteady peace. Slowly civilisation is being rebuilt by the Humans who now fight amongst themselves, the Orcs have reclaimed vast tracts of their ancestral homelands but other, darker forces have also been growing stronger.

Kingdom of Elleron

Age of Destiny